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Kevin Owens is looking for an Amazing Team to Serve on

IREM GA's Committees

Nov 2019 - Nov 2020




Incoming President

Kevin Owens, CPM®




IREM GA has been recognized for having such a strong Leadership and Succession plan in place for grooming officers to become the President. The GA Chapter promotes volunteering to be a committee person to the entire chapter.



Serving on a committee, then becoming a committee chair - begins the process for becoming an officer one day. We have several active committees and becoming a chairperson for one of them is a big responsibility and a great opportunity

to get the most out of your membership.


Seven Committees

Looking for Volunteers!

Find a topic you are "On Fire" with Passion for!





Industry Partners Committee

Cultivating and Establishing:


Value, relationship, bottom line savings








Membership Committee

Passionate about IREM GA and what it can do for you? Do you want to share and encourage others to get the most from getting involved?







Income and Expense Committee

Exclusively offered by IREM ® , Income/Expense Analysis ® Reports provide precise and current real estate market data so you can benchmark, forecast, and compare your properties to the competition. Encourage Promotions!







Promotions and Public Relations Committee

Let's get Social and watch IREM GA Grow!







Program Committee

Set the Stage. Make Your mark with relevant Speakers and Events!







Education Committee

Help others take their skills to the next level with IREM's advanced professional development program!







IREM Young Professionals

Leading the "Next Gen" to be just as Fabulous as you are!!








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